Our Carriage
Classic Carriage
Classic Carriage

Both of our wonderful carriages were bought at auction from Europe and shipped over to Hong Kong giving them true authenticity.

Princess Victorian Wedding Carriage
Princess Victorian Wedding Carriage

The Princess Victorian Wedding Carriage is a dream come true for brides everywhere. The carriage was constantly used by a noble family, before being shipped to Hong Kong, lending the carriage a regal aura. Sitting inside the carriage is to step into the crystal heels of a princess, a feeling of joy and prestige will overcome you as the carriage glides majestically, carrying you to your big day.

Cinderella Wedding Carriage
Cinderella Wedding Carriage

The Cinderella Wedding Carriage is straight out of a fairy tale. Evoking the majestic mystery of the stories that we all heard when we were children, the Cinderella Wedding Carriage's pumpkin shape will transport you and all your guests into a world of fantasy. A picturesque and unique option for your big day, this opulent carriage will set up your wedding with many adventures and imaginations for years to come.

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